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My occupation in my last life, was an automotive wood model maker. Of course you're asking, "what is that?" It sounds really old fashioned, like something out of the 1800's. Yes, it seems that way. Technology does that. I am in awe of how fast it changes life for everybody.

I made full seized wood models for the auto industry. Every single part of a car; fender, doors, windshields, taillights, etc., and every single inner panel, needed a perfect full sized model from which dies could be made to mass produce parts. These models, made from a special laminated mahogany, conformed to exacting standards of 15/1000 of an inch! We model makers used band saws, table saws, routers, chisels, files and sandpaper. The craft reached final extinction sometime around 1990, due to computerized machining. No surprise. We knew it was coming.

I spent the next decade still working with my hands, building custom furniture, then various facets of residential construction. After incorporating in 2001, my son and I teamed up, hired a crew and installed roofs, and also built additions, garages siding and gutters. My focus now is exclusively roofs, and gutters if we install the roof.

I love architecture, design and practically everything that makes a home. My knowledge of all facets of home building is broad, practical and is derived from hands on experience. Along the way there has been challenging work which I do not shy away from. I've also been engaged in various original, creative projects from which I've derived great pleasure. From my earliest work experience as a model maker, meticulousness and detail is in my DNA. I can only do good work. I take pride and pleasure in doing good work. It's easy, really. It's old fashioned.

John Cruz

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Cruz Construction, Inc. has been in business for 11 years.

Local: 734-418-0974

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I am a paint contractor in new construction. When it came time for a new rood on my home, I had many contractors to choose from. CRUZ CONSTRUCTION bid my job and got the contract. Their complete knowledge of their craft, not only got them the bid, but was the reasons and means to a perfect roof on my home. High quality workmanship from start to finish. I've since used CRUZ CONSTRUCTION not only to build my garage, but have also referred them to many friends and neighbors who have also been completely satisfied with their quality work.
It is without reservation that I highly recommend Cruz Construction Inc. as a "5 star" company that can be trusted to get your job done on time and within agreed upon budget. We spent the better part of a year searching for the right construction company to replace our roof and gutter systems. All offered quality materials but at prices that did not fit our budget. we selected Cruz Construction because they are local and have a great reputation in our area. • MATERIALS STAGING: Excellent without any inconvenience or disruption to our daily routines. • TIMEINESS: In and out as agreed with no delays. • ADHEARNACE TO CONTRACT: Took care of permits and provided agreed upon services to the letter. • SUPERVISION: The company owner, John Cruz, personally supervised the tear off and new installation and was the last person to leave the work site at the end of each day. • WARRANTY: Best in the business. • CLEAN UP:The crew cleaned up as they worked. Not so much as a nail could be found at the end of each installation day (3 days). In sum, my wife and I, highly recommend Cruz Construction to you, our neighbors, family and friends.
Dave - Canton, MI
Mr. Cruz made numerous suggestions to us throughout our decision making process. Putting a rood on didn't seem like that big of a deal to us, but he was more than helpful in pointing out small nuances that would add to the appearance of the new rood. Having never replaced a roof before, I would never have given his suggestions a thought! And, when I couldn't make up my mind about color, he drove over to a house to see the exact shingle I was describing to him. Now if that's not customer service, i don't know what is!! The crew arrived at 9:00 a.m. promptly, and worked non-stop (with the exception of lunch) until finished. They covered bushes with tarps and placed plywood boards against our sun room windows to keep debris from possibly hitting the glass. The crew was continually picking up shingles, nails and any other items that were discarded from the old roof. I have seen half a dozen roofs replaced over the past years in our neighborhood, and can honestly say that I have never seen a crew of workers so concerned with keeping the premises in such "tidy" condition while working. I would highly recommend Cruz Construction to anyone who is trying to make a decision about picking a reputable contractor for roofing. For that matter, I would recommend him for any type construction his company performs. It's hard to believe that Mr. Cruz would be any less meticulous about any project he has before him! Amazing job!! Kudos to John Cruz and his crew!!
Dave - Brighton, MI